Most of us have had people or events that inspired us in one way or another. For me, a handfull of photographers provided the flame – that source of stimulation and motivation when I was beginning – to help push me along as I struggled with the learning curve of nature photography and the art of seeing an image. My shelves are still lined with the volumes of these authors and photographers, and even though the medium has shifted from film to digital, the basic principles remain unchanged. Fortunately, the work of these photographers remains influential today and continues to set standards that keep us all in pursuit of more inspiring images. Following are a few links to some of those photographers.

Of course, there are many other accomplished bird and nature photographers that continue to raise the bar and to elevate the standards. In no particular order, here are a few that I am aware of:

There are many valuable internet sites to help those wanting to learn about and participate in discussions of nature and bird photography. Two sites, in particular, are ones I visit regularly, enjoy and learn from: