Hello, and welcome!

I am a retired ornithologist who worked 30 years for the Canadian Wildlife Service, a small section within Environment and Climate Change Canada. I worked on a variety of research and conservation projects including studies of the effects of toxic chemicals on birds, species at risk, population monitoring and studies and protocols for research and monitoring of the effects of wind farm developments on birds.

I currently work as an expedition team guide/lecturer for the Norwegian expedition cruise company Hurtigruten. This work takes me often to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, many South American countries, the Caribbean, the U.S.A., Iceland, Svalbard, Greenland, all three coasts of Canada, and Alaska. Other itineraries are on the horizon. It's a real joy to interact with our diverse guests aboard the ships and to be a part of their travel experience as we travel to some of the most fascinating parts of the planet. And I get to work alongside some amazing other expedition team members from all walks of life and from many countries around the world.

I recently moved from Ontario to Canada's East coast, in the Halifax area. I grew up in the Canadian prairies, have lived in 5 of Canada's provinces as well as Europe and Australia. But no matter where I live there is one constant in life - there will always be birds. Whether it's penguins on a giant ice flow in the Antarctic Sound, kittiwakes clinging to cliffs in the high Arctic, or melodious songbirds in the back yard, birds are everywhere. But just looking at birds does not completely satisfy my yearnings to know more. Photography is what gets me there!

On this web site I offer some of my images that result from this endless pursuit and which help me to peek deeper into their lives and gain a deeper understanding of their behaviours, unique lifestyles, fragility and, sometimes, their resilience.