I was born and raised in small towns of the Canadian prairies where nature was all around. I worked most of my professional life in Atlantic Canada, where the forests are alive with warblers and the coastlines are frequented by mysterious seabird life that I had only dreamed about before moving there. I now reside in Haliburton, Ontario, where the landscape is painted with rocks, majestic pines and deep blue lakes and the air is filled with the call of loons. Everywhere we go and live, there is the lure of birdlife.

I have been photographing nature seriously for over thirty years. I have vivid memories of the early 1980s when I took the plunge and purchased a Canon F1n – a special LA Olympics version no less – complete with motor drive, an array of lenses, flashes, tripods and bags to carry it all. That system served me well – I sold my photos through a local art gallery and to nature magazines as well as provided countless “donations” for bird conservation initiatives. In 2007 I converted to digital photography and have re-stocked my bags with lenses that autofocus, light meters that tell flashes how much light to project, and systems that can remove camera shake as a source of blurring. It makes me wonder how we ever got sharp photos of moving wildlife before this equipment was developed!

I have lived in Europe, Australia and five Canadian Provinces. I received a B.Sc (H) and M.Sc. in ornithology from the University of Manitoba. A life-long birder and professional biologist, I recently retired from the Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada where I was involved in a wide range of bird conservation programs including the study of toxic chemicals’ effects on birds, avian diseases, migration monitoring, the Breeding Bird Survey, endangered species research, environmental effects of wind power, environmental assessment and conservation planning.

An avid photographer, birder and naturalist, I am always involved with local conservation and environmental advocacy efforts. I am a member of Bird Studies Canada and am currently a member of Board of Trustees for the Baillie Fund. I am also a member of the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust and sit on the Lands Committee.

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