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  1. Tom Mathews says:

    Hi, Dan,

    We met recently on a cruise to Antarctica. I watched you take a few hundred photos but didn’t get to see any of them. I was very pleased to discover you have this web site. Soon you will have some more great photos. I’m especially looking forward to seeing the Snow Petrel.

    For those who don’t know, Dan is spending the 2017-2018 season on the ship Hurtigruten MS Fram where he is the official Bird Biologist.

    Tom Mathews, also retired from Environment Canada

    • admin says:

      Hi Tom. Great to hear from you. I’m just back from the most recent trip and am beginning to go through my thousands of images. I will have some up on the website soon. Hope all is well. I really enjoyed our brief visit together and now I know more about the ozone layer than I thought possible!

  2. Hi Dan – I just saw your images displayed in Baked & Battered. Absolutely gorgeous! Especially the ones printed on metal backgrounds. What a cool effect.


  3. Glenda Rees says:

    Hi Dan
    Simply stunning bird photography.
    I was directed to your website by a childhood neighbour whom I believe you met many years ago (Alan Gunn from New Zealand).
    I look forward to seeing more of your images.
    Glenda Rees (Gore, New Zealand).

  4. JoAnn Phillips says:

    Great pictures Uncle Dan. Mom told me you had your own website, I had to check it out. I would love to get some prints to hang on my wall!


  5. Bob Morgan says:

    Wonderful Photos

  6. Don jackson says:

    Super shots ! I am using some as helpers to identify the odd bird here in mexico this winter.

  7. Chad Hossack says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography art work with those of us who enjoy such things, but may not be able to get away as much as we would like too.

    Keep doing your great work……..Chad.

  8. Jim Richards says:

    ‘Killer’ images Dan. Great work!

  9. Philip S Taylor says:

    Hello Dan – what a pleasure to look at the images you have created! The combination of artistry, feeling your subject matter, care and technical excellence really come through. I look forward to new additions as they are added. Well done, and all the best.


  10. Joyce Linell says:

    Dan, Had to go on to your website tonight. We loved all your photos!! It shows your talent, We really enjoyed looking at them. Hope your photos on Vancouver Island turned out as well.

    Karl and Joyce Linell

  11. Glen Fox says:

    Dan, Your website is full of very creative images. I have been beside you when many of the images were captured. Your camera skills and eye for composition really show when we compare images. Your constant quest for improvement definitely pays off. I’m looking forward to sharing Ecuador with you. Your photobuddy

  12. Susan Mulholland says:

    Well done brother, Susan

  13. Moyra Mulholland says:

    Fabulous photos of landbirds, thanks Dan.I love the Northern Hawk Owl
    Sue directed me to your site.

  14. Jennifer Morse says:

    Wow! Amazing site Dan and incredible photography!

  15. George says:

    I love the new shots your have added to your Costa Rica page.
    Your “Resplendent Quetzal, Costa Rica’s flagship” is breathtaking.
    I have never seen such an amazing representation.
    You certainly made the best of your trip and covered the ground … Rainforest thoroughly.
    I can see that you have the best of equipment and years of experience. This puts you at the top of the canape .. In the sun!

  16. Great stuff, Dan. Your neighbour, Michele, suggested I check your site out. I love birds too and these are definitely some great shots.

  17. George says:


    Breathtaking detail. Birds are my favourite subject too. Your patience is evident, and your love of nature shines through. I just got a long lens for my Canon and your shots are an inspitation. Thanks for all the details on your settings.

    I could send you some of my African bird shots if are interested.

    George Nicholl in North Bay

  18. Carol Hayes says:

    Hey,dear … well done!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Hi Dan…WOW….I LOVE your photos, you sure do have talent! Great job and I look forward to seeing your pictures when you return from your trip. x

  20. admin says:

    Thanks Bev – you are now enshrined as my official first guest! Dan

  21. Bev McBride says:

    Very nice photos, Dan!! I will visit more later. I was drawn right away to your Bruce Peninsula cliff photo. Those limestone cliffs and aqua waters are irresistable, aren’t they? Good luck with all your photo-endeavours!

  22. Ted Busby says:

    Hi Dan;

    I was directed here by a friend who thought I might be related…(I don’t believe we are)..

    Lovely galleries..Love your birds (My Favourites Also)

    I see you photographed the Hawk-Owl & Great Gray in the Ottawa area…I have the same birds; from the same place..

    Any way..keep up the great work; I look forward to coming back and checking in from time to time.

    You never know; we may bump into each other out in the field one day.

    Best Of Shooting To You!

  23. Peggy (McLennan) Parkinson says:

    Hello Dan

    Stunning photos! Rob said you were in Ontario now. We have recently moved here as well. Maybe it’s time for a cousin reunion/visit this summer?nn1

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